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5244 Summit Bridge rd Middletown, DE 19709

What Barre is...

Barre Body is a highly effective full body workout set to motivating music that will burn fat, sculpt muscles, and lift your rear… all while having fun! A unique blend of elements from ballet, Pilates, and free weights, Barre Body incorporates isometric movements, interval training, and stretching to chisel the waistline while producing the famous long lean muscles of a dancer. Using a combination of light weights, exercise tubing, and your own body weight for resistance, Barre Body systemically works your whole body to tone arms, flatten abs, thin thighs, sculpt calves, and lift the seat. The lack of jumping/bouncing not only makes Studio Barre a highly effective yet safe way to sculpt the body, but appropriate fitness challenge for any age, gender, or fitness level. 

Barre is for every age and level.

Anyone can do this low-impact sequence and see dramatic results. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80, if you’re a athlete or you haven’t worked out in years, if you have back pain or a knee injury, if you’re pregnant or just had a baby. No matter who you are, barre will help you lose weight, build strength, and transform your entire body.

All movements are low-impact and designed to burn fat, build muscle and break through plateaus. Using the following 

  1. Isometric holds work your muscles to their deepest point and increase strength and endurance. Holding still strengthens your muscles continuously; it also gives you time to make sure your alignment and posture are perfect before you move.
  2. Next, we add controlled 1-inch movements. These create just enough relief in the muscles to maintain the integrity of the hold for maximum benefit. By layering on one inch, you heat the body, increase your core strength, and rev your metabolism.
  3. After completely taxing the muscles, we flush out the body with functional, large, dynamic moves. This cardio blast lifts the heart rate, improves circulation, and energizes the body.
  4. Each class is designed to give you 15 minutes of arms, thighs, seat, and core. 

What to bring?  Non-slip socks (we have them available for sale at the studio), weights if you do not want to use ours. 

Cancelation Policy: Due to the size of the room. If you cancel your class four hours prior a credit is given for your next class. No shows or four hours prior to class will not be refunded.